Classes & Calendar

Yoga with Stacie from Atlanta – Daily Free Class – Daily 30 Minute Class

12:30 mt / 2:30 et

This 30-minute yoga stretch is offered daily through at least mid-August to keep us active and moving. Honor your body.

Stacie experiences yoga as one important line of her heart’s path; What paths will you include in your Heartpath.US

Explore your favorite yoga postures in a long hold with calming hands-on support.   Slow down.  Experience your body receiving time and space to feel and think with greater clarity.   Unfold into a deeper awareness.  Live into greater wisdom and compassion in your daily life.

Private Yoga
Therapy Sessions

Hula Hoop Classes

Sunrise Yoga

Clover Blessings

Experiential Retreats (stargazing, hiking, sewing, yoga, movement, writing)

Labyrinth Journeying

Introductory to Didgeridoo

How do I schedule a private or group session?

Contact Stacie today.

What does it cost to work with you?

It depends on location and services desired. Contact Stacie for more details.

How do I pay for services?

Paypal or Venmo are accepted.

What is the significance of clover and blessings & how do I get a 3-leaf, 4-leaf, or 5-leaf clover sent to someone I love?

3-Leaf represents happiness; 4-Leaf represents luck; 5-leaf represents smooth transitions. Order online and specify to whom and where it is to be mailed (USPS or FEDEX depending on availability).

What is the significance of the labyrinth & where do I purchase items with the logo?

A vendor is in the works. Check back for this! Glad you like it!