Heart Labyrinth Ornament

Add a touch of gifted love to your relationship. Hand-crafted in Colorado, this prayer and meditation ornament is a delicate and thoughtful intention from laser engraved birch wood in the shape of a heart labyrinth. In small font, the words www.heartpath.us are an invitation to follow your heart through embodied living. Your purchase supports the creative work of labyrinth society artists and Colorado makerspaces. This high quality hand made gift is ideal for friends, lovers, girlfriends, boyfriends, mothers, daughters, and yourself. Choose from one of two borders (classic engraved beige or red trim).


My name is Stacie Booker and I’m a certified yoga teacher who delights in bringing my gifts of teaching, encouraging, exploring through movement like yoga and hula hoop to my students.

I have a willingness to listen AND the ability to see through a variety of lenses to support my client’s inner knowing.


Multi-faceted approach to share my gifts and invite others to live into their own while earning a living doing work worth sharing.

Among my Creative Gifts

Explorer, witness, photographer, encourager, teacher, dancer, movement and flow artist, stargazer, yoga therapist, and craftsperson.

“Today, I invite you to live into your gifts and passions as I live into my own.”

– Stacie Booker

What My Students Say

“I still remember the session we did more than a year ago!”

“Thank you for offering your gifts into the world!”

“Stacie is gifted at listening and helping me hear what my body needed.”